Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant
Hair transplant is one of constant way for having beautiful hair. After Hair transplant operation , the hair will grow.

Hair transplant is one of constant way for having beautiful hair. After Hair transplant operation,the hair will grow.

Stages in hair transplant

Hair transplant consultation

For performing hair transplant, you can take action through a phone call or resorting personally to the office for free consultation. During the consultation session, the level of your expectation will be discussed, similar photos before and after the operation are shown and the amount of density creatable for you will be evaluated. In this session, the rate of hair loss, the amount of the hair bank (the number of grafts which can be removed and transplanted), desirable density in the area of transplantation, and the shape of hair in front of the head will be evaluated. During the consultation session, you will be asked about your medical records such as heart, dermal, and thyroid diseases, blood pressure and the drugs consumed. The required examinations are requested. You can pose your questions and get the answers.

 Hair transplant Medical examinations

Before hair transplant operation some medical examinations is required.  Which you should have perform all of these necessary medical examinations beforehand on the day of operation are as follows:

-CBC ،diff



After we have answered your questions and after the completion of consultation form, the required graft for hair transplant and the charge will be specified. In case you show your inclination to hair transplant in our center, then you will be given a turn for operation. After creating a medical file, a guidebook before and after the hair transplant operation will be left at your disposal.

The day of hair transplant operation

On the day of the hair transplant operation, you should come to our clinic right at the specified time. In the operating room, the evaluations and accurate measurements are, again, carried out. The amount and quantity hair density, etc. are calculated and portrayed. Then, the hair growth line in front of your head will be portrayed accurately. You can see your hair line so that your desirable changes may be applied. After the portrayal of hair growth line, the skin on which the operation is to be made (scalp) will undergo complete local anesthesia and, then, the stages of removal and the transplant of hair will be carried out by the physician and a team including technicians and his colleague.

After the hair transplant operation, the head is dressed and the person is discharged from the clinic and can head home for rest.

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After the hair transplant operation

The day after the hair transplant operation, at the clinic, the dressing of the head is removed by the nurse and the head is washed. Then, you are instructed on how to wash your head for the first two weeks after the operation. On the twelfth day after the hair transplant with FUT method, you should go to the clinic for the removal of the sutures of the area where the grafts have been removed and extracted.

From the twentieth day after the hair transplant operation, a ten-session skin laser is recommended to patients done right in the clinic. The injection of PRP is recommended to patients at an interval of one to three months after the transplant. This is done by the physician at the clinic.

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